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Buckingham House Dental PracticeBuckingham House Dental Practice
3.5 Stars - Based on User Reviews
Rachel TompkinsRachel Tompkins

Never ever answer phones, leave messages and they never call back!
Then send you text message saying get in touch or appointment will have to be rearranged.... It's not that I've not been trying for past 2 weeks, I don't see why I should travel into Buckingham just to speak to them face to face!!!

Isabel BenfordIsabel Benford

I love my dentist Amanjot, she’s lovely. Down to earth and extremely friendly. I’m not a fan of dentists and have a fear of having my teeth out, but she understands that and take great care of me. I’ll be sad to see such a talent leave Buckingham Dental Practice. All the best x

Carrie Vogel-DennettCarrie Vogel-Dennett

I see Patricia who is an excellent dentist, and i cant fault her. She is very professional and gentle with me and always does a great job. However trying to get through to a receptionist is a nightmare. Ive recently been in agony with an abscess and i constantly ring and can never get through. It would be courteous just to call to apologise that they havent got back to me. So sometimes you have to go there, just to make an appointment which isn't good when i live miles away and have to miss work. If they can handle the calls then i would give this 5 stars!

Natalie LewisNatalie Lewis

Visited this practice recently under apprehension due to being very nervous. Saw a nice dentist who said I needed to see the hygienist...I have periodontal disease and have had it for years. As does my mother and sister! I was booked in for two sessions and told to make a deposit on both of £20 for each. I was told that I couldn’t have it all done in one session, I thought that the cost would be for complete clean of all my teeth, not broken down to split sessions and two payments. Last time I had one session for a full clean!
I had to call a few days before to cancel due to having knee surgery and still having stitches in. I rebooked only for the reception to call and cancel both appointments. I was then told that there was an appointment the next day, As I was off I could attend thinking it would be the lady I saw originally at the appointment.
I have never had so much pain in all my life. I asked if my gums could be numbed first before the injections, two cotton pads were applied but appeared to numb more of my tongue than anything else. I almost hit the roof, the worst pain shot through my right cheek towards my eye so much so it felt like the needle was coming up through my eye socket. I have a very high pain threshold but oh my life this was horrendous. The hygienist kept going despite me groaning. Then more injections in the bottom jaw. After what seemed like minutes I seemed to be spitting blood, and leaving the chair. Two days later my cheek is still very swollen and slightly numb, with bruising.
My husband said I look like I have been punched. I seem to have a huge lump in my mouth too!
Luckily I’m off work due to knee surgery 10 days ago, so this was my only trip out and my worst!
Now I have had dental appointments several times before yet this surgery i have only visited once or twice before....I aim to cancel the other appointments and never return to be butchered again, I’m in agony...still!
I also find the reception staff sometimes incompetent and have been sarcastic on occasion too.

Lucy WrightLucy Wright

When I have had an appointment it has been exceptional both for me and my 1 year old daughter who really enjoyed being there. But I have been needing an emergency appointment for over a week now and have been unable to get through on the phone at all. I have rang, sometimes until the line cuts off and no answer. I have tried every hour on one day. There is no call back system or answerphone. I'm forced to find an alternative practice only for this reason which is really upsetting.

Sarah TaylorSarah Taylor

The customer care has really gone downhill the last few years. You can never get through to anyone on the phone and they just don't respond to emails, no matter how many you send. I've been trying for 3 weeks to cancel or change an appointment. I can't call during working hours and they shut before I leave work! I will be looking to change practice for my next check up.

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Sophia Louise BridgmanSophia Louise Bridgman

Staff rude on the phone. Lied about avalible appointment dates, said I was pregnant and my teeth are bad, missing filling and sore, booked me a month away saying there are only appointments available, just check online and theres appointments available 3 days away.. Bank Chambers got me in for next day.

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Lucy J HanksLucy J Hanks

My son had his first dental appointment this morning. Dinesh Gunatunga was so good with him. Thanks very much!

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Alison MarrAlison Marr

I've been a patient here for many years and the service has always been exemplary.

Recently following a check up I was advised I may need some major work doing,
The receptionist arranged for a second opinion within the week, I was shown the x-rays and had the problems and options explained fully by the dentist.

I was then able to make a fully informed decision on how to proceed in the best way for me.

Wouldn't want to go anywhere else.

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Michele A WilliamsMichele A Williams

I have never ever been seen on time! Today 30 minutes late and still waiting! It doesn’t help people with anxiety with the dentist.

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Trish CullenTrish Cullen

having issues after dental treatment . i emailed charlotte, practice manager who responded very quickley, listened to me . i have just been back and i am happy with this appointment . thank you raj

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Ian Fido-LakeIan Fido-Lake

Shame, the centre let down by very poor response to customer complaint.
Practice Manager Charlotte Wright always unavailable on the phone.
Left several messages but never calls back.
Had 2 weeks now to respond to my complaint.
Poor response to broken dental work, told had to wait 10days for an appointment.
Another dentist nearby saw me the next day even though I was not their patient.
Have cancelled my future appointments and moved to another practice.
Will be following up with complaint in writing and copying to the BDA.
Have had to return on 3 separate occasions when work carried out broke or failed.
So think the quality of dentist also in question.

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Alice HoneybrownAlice Honeybrown

Always friendly and professional. I've been 3 times for emergency treatment and they have always been very efficient and understanding even after being sent round the houses by another dentist.

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John SargentJohn Sargent

Friendly helpful team, and excellent treatment from a great dentist (Raj in my case)

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Ian WattsIan Watts

Well done... You have just re-affirmed 40 years of fear of the dental profession in one short visit: 🙁 After a very serious incident at a dentist in my teens (and a schoolmate dying in a dentist's chair soon after) I have put up with all manner of toothache, abscesses, tooth-picks and broken teeth, rather than visit one again. However, 3 days and nights of abscess pain, were finally too much to bear and I plucked up courage to walk in yesterday for an emergency appointment - to ask to refer me for hospital treatment.
Reception were polite enough (but it was utterly humiliating and embarrassing for a 55 year-old professional man to have to admit the above in a very public 'shop' environment, overheard by everyone else on the premises and even walking past when the door was open!). However, the dentist could not have been more contemptuous of my phobia if he had tried: he did not even acknowledge my fear, declined to give me the referral I had come in for, but critically DID NOTHING to address my pain - the reason for visiting in the first place - except prescribe antibiotics!
I am writing this after yet another sleepless night, writhing in agony after 'over-the-counter' pain killers wore off and my abscess tried to find a release point (which it has still failed to do).
Not only will I never visit this contemptuous practice again, I doubt I will ever visit any other one either... It is no wonder that this is the most feared profession of all, when you fail so miserably to attend to the mental care of the patient, as well as their teeth!

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